Maggie and Ryan Engaged

February 07, 2015  •  1 Comment

When I met Maggie at our first consult, I felt like we automatically clicked. As awkward as I am sometimes, there are some people that just put you at ease, and Maggie and her mom were it. And then I met Ryan and he was equally as mellow and easy-going as Maggie. As Maggie was running through a few things she had in mind for our shoot, I heard Ryan say the perfect words for an engagement session. "We're only going to do this once, let's do it." Music to my ears, and exactly what the engagement session is all about; telling a story of last first kisses and prepping for forever. It's the reason engagment pictures are so important...because you're only going to do them once in your life. We met at he beautiful Ballyhack Farm in Chesapeake, Virginia on another unseasonably mild day. I was looking out for the weather on their planned day all week, because at one point the weather stations warned us of 5-6 inches of snow. However, (like they often are) they were wrong, so wrong. It ended up to be a mild 55 degree day, which felt like Mexico compared to a few days before. The farm featured a GORGEOUS white and green barn, open corn fields, and the cutest of pups, (and I hope I get this right) Gus and Deets. And if you know this area of Chesapeake, you know it's all soybean or corn fields, which means there's plenty of eaten crop just laying around. Check out Maggie's gorgeous ring atop some of the field crop. LOVE everything about this session, this couple, and I am looking forward to seeing Maggie adorned in all white in September! Meet Maggie, Ryan, Gus, and Deets and the beginning of their happily ever after!


Elisabeth Mullican(non-registered)
Awww, I'm glad everything clicked! The pictures show it--they look relaxed and happy. Looking forward to September too!
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