Brooke Archbell Photography | About

My name is Brooke Archbell and I am a photographer based out of Hampton Roads. I got my dream camera in 2011, and from then on a fire was lit. I shoot Nikon and for some reason have always been partial to them. I have always had a passion for creative arts and that's exactly what photography is to me. I believe the human eye only catches a glimpse of the color and light that an object or person exudes, and it's in the art of photography to bring it out. I love the idea that you can literally capture a moment of time, and by looking at a memorable picture you can almost go back there. I love photographing happy couples, happy kids, and happy families because that's what life is all about. There's just something about looking back at lovers being in love, and kids being kids that pulls at my heart strings. My style revolves around natural sunlight and creamy natural tones, but I tend to get a feel for the style of the images by the people in front of the lens. I look forward to working with new people and capturing your special moments.