Brooke Archbell Photography: Blog en-us (C) Brooke Archbell Photography (Brooke Archbell Photography) Mon, 17 Jul 2017 17:44:00 GMT Mon, 17 Jul 2017 17:44:00 GMT Brooke Archbell Photography: Blog 80 120 Harrison Family On one of the hottest days of the summer, we were able to capture some adorable family moments from this beautiful family! I love how they coordinated with their minis and how you can just tell it's summer by the sunlight. Here are a few favorites from the Harrison summer session at the Great Bridge locks!

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Nguyen Family Aside from the heat and bugs, I love summer sessions--everything from the late golden hour, to the summer wildflowers, and the summer clothes.  I am so honored this family let me capture their family photos this year! Here are a few favorites from the Nguyen family (hopefully I spelled it right this time)! Currently booking late summer and fall family sessions.

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30 Cake Smash I had so much fun doing this 30th Birthday Cake Smash for Marianne! What better way to celebrate than to get some photos done and eat CAKE? Of course it helps when your THIS stunning, but I am in love with how these turned out. We tried to embody everything that the common ONE year old Cake smash baby would do and she just rolled with it (oh and the wind wouldn't stop blowing) Can you believe this was the day we had SPRING SNOW? I think this speaks to me because I am very carpe diem upon approaching my big 3-0 and am really just all about doing everything big and just living life the way I want...and this session just says all of that in a few pictures. Here are a few favorites from our session. Happy 30th Birthday and wishing you many more <3

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Kelly and Frankie Engaged I luck out with the best couples! Kelly and Frankie were referred to me by another client for a last minute engagement session on one of the warmest days of February that I think I have ever seen.  Each couples story is always unique but Kelly and Frankie seemed to have crossed paths in previous towns and then met later in life in another city. How cool is that? That fate was still working, God was still working his magic after the first missed connection. I love hearing stories like this because it just reiterates true love, fate, destiny, and that there is a plan in the works even if you have to wait a little while to see it in action. Kelly and Frankie were so sweet, and natural together. One of those couples that you don't even have to tell to 'cozy up' because they just did it naturally, makes an hour behind the camera such a breeze and an honor to call "work." They were two of the nicest people that truly deserve each other! This session was cozy, country, casual, and filled with bright spring sunshine in February from this c r a z y weather we like to blame on just 'being Virginia.'  So thank you Kelly and Frankie for choosing me, congrats on your engagement, and thank you Virginia for April feels in February.  

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Soucy Wedding Location: Marina Shores Marina, Virginia Beach

Mercedes & Steve

These two love birds have an incredible love story that takes place in multiple cities and is a true testament to their commitment. I think everyone that witnessed the look on their faces when they finally saw each other on their wedding day can testify to their love. Her maids were decked out in the prettiest of flower crowns and wore stunning floor length coral gowns. Local salt water taffy, shell table décor,  sand pour ceremony, and the prettiest backdrop of sun setting on the docked boats, this wedding was such a stunner!  And when the sun went down, we had some of the best dance moves around. Did I mention that the groom did his own 'Magic Mike' dance during garter time? Yep, almost forgot to take pictures. We dabbed, we wobbled, we ju ju'ed on that beat....the reception and the LIFE of this party was incredible.  Just in hanging out with these two for the day, I am positive Mercedes and Steve are more than perfect for each other and I wish them all the happiness in the world!



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Wade Wedding Location: Pirates Cove, Manteo; Ceremony/Reception: Jennette's Pier

I keep getting blessed by the best couples. I can't say enough sweet things about Ben and Brittany. Starting with their engagements with their dogs, getting to do Brittany's Bridals WITH her man in uniform, and then this perfect wedding with all things nautical and bright. It seemed to be the perfect theme for this happy, active, outdoorsy couple, with mini pilings holding their place settings, the prettiest handmade shell bouquets, and a beautiful dove release after they said their 'I do's.'  These two definitely got the catch of a lifetime finding each other...Congrats to Brittany and Ben and wishing you a lifetime of happiness and adventures!


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Brittany and Ben Norfolk, Virginia 

I love that Brittany opted not to take bridals and chose to use her session to get some intimate portraits with her man in blue. Being that we had two police escorts and a police motorcycle this was probably the coolest session I have ever done. Brittany and Ben are the sweetest people that literally let me pose them around the streets of Norfolk for an hour. I can't express enough emotion over what I see when I look at these pictures, how proud a woman can be of her man in blue, who lives with the same burdens and worries as her husband when he leaves for work every day.  Stay tuned for their beautiful OBX wedding coming up next.

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Burbage Wedding I couldn't have had a better time at the Burbage Wedding. First off, my beautiful bride was a Brooke (so instant connection) and having a bridal group as nice as this one doesn't happen very often. You might remember Mark and Brooke from their engagement photos last fall with an old vintage Ford, and I absolutely love that they incorporated it into their wedding. Mark and his boys entered the ceremony riding in the back of the truck and of course we had to put the whole Bridal party in the truck for group photos. I literally had so many favorites from this wedding, but here are just a a few.


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Senior Lexie Again, I was blessed with another gorgeous face in front of the lens where it just doesn't take much to have beautiful photographs. Lexie is a rising senior at Pasquotank High but you would never know she was only 17 with how mature and graceful she acts. We had been planning these pictures for a while and were still deciding between the OBX and Little Island, but I think they made the perfect decision in going to Sandbridge because of the many options you have there. I love that there is topography, green grassy fields, and not a lot of people on the beach. Anytime I can do what I love and get my feet in some saltwater is a good day by me...Check out some of my favorites from the session below. 

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Caras Family I had such a great time photographing this family! They are sweet, funny, and so real.  Ashley and Adrian made me laugh through the entire session and are surely blessed with two beautiful daughters. They were celebrating Addy's first birthday soon so they decided to get some pictures done of the family at the same time, which I think is a great idea! We ended up switching dates because of the heat wave and we ended up landing on a perfect beach day at First Landing State Park in Virginia Beach.  I am happy to share a few of my favorites from this beautiful, bright, family session.  

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Olive is ONE Lydia's husband is currently deployed so she wanted to have some awesome photos of Olive's first birthday party to share with him. It's a bit challenging to do a cake smash AT a birthday party because little ones are so easily distracted, but with moms help we made it work, and I have to say I am in love with these photos. I'm also in LOVE with Olive's crown and their cute and gentle fur baby Cheeto. Clearly, Cheeto had to be a part of the cake eating after asking his mom if he could help. Seriously doesn't get any cuter than a baby and a dog in a full on cake eating smash party. Congrats mom and dad for nailing the first year and Happy Birthday to princess Olive! May all your dreams come true <3

Are you ready!?​

"CAN I ?!"

"Let me help you out, kid." ​

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Sparks Family Maternity

Virginia Beach, Virginia

The Sparks Family {plus one}

I am so blessed to be able to photograph this growing family! They are so ridiculously good looking that it's impossible to go wrong photographing them. Oh, and they are probably the nicest, sweetest people you'll ever meet. After many attempts and rain checks, I met Kendall, Derek, and little miss Elle on the North End of Virginia Beach for one of the only sunny days we have had in May so far. Whatever happen to APRIL SHOWERS? Mother nature needs to get it together. On a slightly chilly afternoon, we had the golden spring sunset to keep us warm.  So happy for these guys and their newest addition June, coming this June! 

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Foster Wedding Foster Wedding 4.29.2016

Little Island (Sandbridge Beach) Virginia Beach, Virginia

I like a big wedding with all the details, the crowd, the party....but what I LOVE is an intimate wedding where the couple is surrounded by the closest of friends and family...and that's exactly what the Foster wedding was. I pretty much used my 85mm lens the entire wedding because when you go small and intimate on the beach, it allows for optimal movement, close ups, and some crazy angles you wouldn't get in a church or large wedding venue with 'rules.' I instantly fell in love with her girls dresses, specially made in a Canadian Etsy shop. From her beautiful spring bouquet with white hydrangeas and pale pink roses, to two tiny little feet buried in a baby tutu...I just can't stop staring at these photos. After the vows, they headed over to Baja where some delicious food and drinks were waiting and we got some great shots of the family and couple in front of Back Bay and  underneath the glow of the patio lights. I think my favorite part of this wedding was the story...of rekindled young love after years of being apart. Like a real life version of "The Notebook." Mindy and Colin had dated in middle school-high school, been apart for some time, and then recently gotten back together. They say those rekindled loves are stronger because you go into the second round of the relationship already having strong feelings for the person and you know what it's like to lose them. In this case their young love was real love... and I truly believe things always work out the way they are supposed to.  I am honored Mindy and Colin chose me to photograph their big day, and I wish them all the love and happiness in the years to come! 

Had to end on a Notebook quote, duh. 

“So it's not gonna be easy. It's going to be really hard; we're gonna have to work at this everyday, but I want to do that because I want you. I want all of you, forever, everyday. You and me... everyday.” Sparks


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Danika and Evan Engaged Session: Engagement

Location: Northwest River Park

Danika and Evan

Danika and Evan are getting married this fall at the Yorktown freight shed and I can't wait because I love historic Yorktown! This shoot was a rarity for me because I usually meet couples before the session, but because they lived in Yorktown and were very busy, we hadn't had the chance. I brought my husband along for the ride ( you know, in case they were serial killers, LOL) and turns out Danika and Evan were the sweetest people ever, that totally weren't going to murder me. Clearly, I watch too much crime tv.  I loved everything about them, their playfulness, their energy, and just the way he looked at her. Oh and the way Danika (and every girl ever) looked at her future husband with a side eye as if to say, 'Come on babe, stop joking around and take a one normal picture.'  Also, I actually love that they wanted to do anything but the beach, because as much as I love the beach...I crave new places and new scenery. Oh and have you met me? I love the woods, so I knew right away they had my heart. 

Here are some favorites from their very green, spring park session <3


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Lopez's in Love 4.16.2016

Stephanie and Jerson #lopezinlove

Ceremony: Greenbrier Community Church

Reception: The Norfolk Sheraton
 I had so much fun photographing Stephanie and Jerson's wedding. This wedding was all things fire engine red and it just so happens that Jerson is a firefighter. Stephanie spends her time educating our youth, so you could say they have alot in common already with their love for public service.  The details were everything, from the 'Tacos and Tequila' shirts and pajamas, to the amazing gifts the bride and groom gave each other before the ceremony. Jerson received a beach cruiser that he tested out in the hallway of the hotel, and Stephanie was beaming as she put on her new sunglasses.  They also both had a great circle of friends surrounding them and supporting them on their decision to wed the love of their lives.  I convinced Stephanie and Jerson to come outside with me around sunset so we could get some intimate photos, so make sure you catch those beauties at the end of the blog post! Waterside, shut down? Who cares, this couple rocked it :)

Congrats Stephanie and Jerson and best wishes for a long happy life together XOXO

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Stephanie Bridals Bridal Session 

Location: The Hermitage, Norfolk Virginia

I had so much fun doing Stephanie's Bridals and there isn't a bad spot to shoot at The Hermitage. Literally every inch of the place is heaven on earth.  Stephanie looked so stunning, so I am excited to finally be able to share these since the groom has finally seen the goods. She also brought her Grandma's fur coat, which turned out that we needed because it was unseasonably cold for this sunny spring day. Sporting red shoes which is fitting for her firefighter husband-to-be, I am so pleased with how everything came together and how beautiful she looked. Congrats to the newlyweds and I look forward to sharing their big day as well!


XOXO- Brooke



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Davis Maternity Maternity Session

Virginia Beach, Virginia

First Landing State Park

I loved this session with Chris, Ashley and baby to be, Grayson. They are truly the nicest people, will make the absolute best parents, and are just so tranquil to work with (if that's a thing). I have done many sessions at this spot, but this particular time when walking to the beach we ran into a gorgeous tree, roots and all. I am not sure how it got there, but it was awesome to have this wash up on the beach and I had Chris and Ashley carve baby Grayson's initials into the trunk.  Just love the light, the warmth, and the beachy-woodsy feel to this lovely session. 


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The Richmond Family The Richmond Family

Chesapeake, Virginia

The holidays took hold of me and I forgot to get this adorable family up on the blog before the new year. Lydia, Vance, and their newest addition Olive make the sweetest family of three. Lydia and Vance radiate sunshine, kindness, and selflessness, adopting Baby Olive and loving her the way they do. I had the best time capturing photos of Lydia and Vance before Vance deployed, and I couldn't be happier to capture their growing family. 

This was the first chilly day of winter for me, but the love they had truly kept me warm. Favorites from my last family of 2015--Meet the Richmond family, and the sweetest prettiest baby, Olive.


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Sparks Family Sparks Family 2015

Location: Greenbrier Farms, Chesapeake Virginia

I was so happy the Sparks chose me to photograph their little family again for the holidays. They have the sweetest little girl Elle and puppy that would randomly pop in a few shots for a photobomb. This was the perfect sunny family session at the farm, surrounded by Christmas trees for the holidays. 

Here are some of my favorites from the Sunny Sparks Holiday session!


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Brittany and Ben engaged Brittany and Ben Engaged

Location: Seashore State Park

First Landing, Virginia Beach Virginia

I met Brittany a couple months back and instantly loved her and her mom for their laid back personalities and planning perseverance. They were checking so many things off their wedding to-do lists and that is totally my style.  Brittany is so sweet and happily supports her police officer, Ben. We met at First Landing State Park...where I have done a handful of shoots, but never came across these amazing trees before. They had the cutest pups too! I love couples that incorporate their fur babies into their session because they are truly a big part of their relationship. Brittany brought her sisters to help with the dogs so that we could do some intimate shots without them as well. This is a great idea, to bring a helper along if you decide to bring the fur babies. I have done quite a few sessions with dogs, and I have to say the sessions with helpers go a lot smoother. Her ring was so stunning...a family heirloom passed down from Ben's grandma. And to capture it in that golden, hazy, beach glow just made for perfection. 

These two love to fish, wakeboard, snowboard, camp, and basically just love the outdoors. So you could say I liked them (ALOT) because me and my husband love to do all of these as well!

A session full of beautiful beach trees,  driftwood, golden hour on the beach, a beautiful vintage ring, and a couple so sweet and good looking...Check out my favorites from the session below. 

I can't wait to photograph their wedding next fall!



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