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Remi Rae's Room (DIY girls nursery)

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I feel like I have been done with this project for sometime now, but haven't gotten around to take any pictures until today. This was the ultimate hand-me-down, DIY,  nursery in which I'll share total cost and explanation for each project. I think the dresser was the first peice I purchased and ended the bargain at $50. After adding primer, spray paint, baskets, material for basket liners, and drawer linings the total cost here was probably around $100. The canvases above that are slightly cut off in the picture are clearly artistic genious, abstract art done by my 3-year old son. I wanted him to feel like he contributed with his little sister's room, and he actually does admire them when entering the room. These cost a total of $5. each at a local Walmart. Etsy has a ton of cute patterns for changing pad covers, which is where I purchased this chevron print and pillow cover featured sitting in the for both was $15. Scroll back up to the first picture featured and you'll see the hand drawn letter cut from a piece of my Dad's leftover plywood. I love scrap wood and free detail projects. The rocker/glider was actually a hand-me-down that was re-upholstered by my aunt and has been collecting dust in my old room at my parents' house for years. This baby belonged to my Grandfather, the man I never got to meet that passed away shortly before my mom's wedding. She talks very highly of him and I am very proud to have a piece of him in this room, his favorite recliner. So, this rocker was free, but priceless to say the least. The semi-matching ottoman was a short DIY project. I purchased the legs at a local thrift shop for $2.50 each and then simply applied a plywood top, foam, fabric, and tufts, for a more aestetic appeal. The total cost of this project was around $40.  The two small tables, one white, and one aqua to match the dresser, which were also hand-me-downs from my old neighbor who moved and was so kind to give me her extras. Extra spray paint applied. The crib was also givin to me by the same friend, and her daughter was just old enough to start using a bed. I'm so glad I have a peice of this girl in this room too, because she was truly one of those friends that you never forget. Just there for you in everyway, whether it was lending an ear or sharing a love for DIY and pinterest projects. Oh yeah, that deer skull on the wall, that was the second deer I shot, which ended up being a small little 3 pointer, but I just love it. The banner behind the crib was made using a small peice of twine and fabric scraps, which I sent my mother-in-law out to a local fabric store in search of certain material in which she would text me a picture and I would give a 'yay' or 'nay.' She's awesome for helping me out with this while I was confined to couch living for much of my pregnancy due to doctors orders for bedrest. My good friend Kendall made the burlap name banner for my shower which I just hung over the fabric scrap banner. Total cost of the fabric banner was around $20. My mom even made a home-made headband holder made out of an oatmeal tin, with a base, and small scrap of fabric (can be seen in dresser shot). The little birds perched on the door frame are decor from me and my wonderful husband's wedding day, which just remind me how lucky I am to have him in my life everytime I see them. He totally fixed the broken fan in the room, and put the crib together, and basically did any and all heavy lifting. I found a few cute signs, a lampshade, a shaggy rug to lay over a stained area in the carpet that just gives me the hives when I see it, and a small bird cage at a local decor store, all for about $50. Last but not least, because I am a lazy preggo who is tried of typing: the mobile was also completely free, made from an old lamp shade base, twine wrap that I already had, some fishing line, and beads. 

Curtains:  Target online $30.

Paint for striped wall: $20.

All in all, if I could give an estimate of the total home-project for this DIY nursery, I think it totaled around $300.  Not a bad budget-friendly nursery for my little miss Remi Rae. Stay tuned for all the monthly shots I hope I don't forget to take with child number two!



Brooke <3


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