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Clelland Wedding

June 30, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

I have always been partial to small intimate weddings because it allows the couple to enjoy their day with the love of their life, their family, and their close friends without all the crazy random guests, dates of acquaintances, and having to use your whole night greeting hundreds of people. And let's be honest, it saves a buck or two. Not saying that doing it big is wrong, but this intimate gathering was so beautiful to witness and I couldn't be more pleased that this couple chose me to capture it. 

The groom, Leland, is a coworker of mine that and met his lovely bride through her mom (which is why she is just glowing in the ceremony pictures). Morgan and Leland both exude happiness, have the kindest souls, and they would truly do anything for anyone at the drop of a hat. They also share a common love for our country, if you can't tell by the grooms patriotic socks. How to tell a groom is in love? He legit wants to practice his vows on a few coworkers to make sure they were good enough and to see if we would cry. Which upon reading, said groom, gets choked up and has to stop several times throughout as we coach him through reading the rest. (HAHA) A little bit hilarious, and soooooo sweet. It's awesome to see a guy get happy emotions about the love of his life! Morgan and I worked on her Bridal pictures a few months prior to the wedding, and I had the best time.  She is that cool, laid-back girl every guy dreams about, with a killer sense of humor to top things off. 

Morgan chose to get ready at Founders Inn in Chesapeake, Virginia with two of her best girlfriends and her mom that wore whatever dress suited them that day. She had a talented cousin doing hair and makeup, and her florals and creative guest book provided by one of her good girlfriends with Jaimie Leigh Events. It had to be the hottest June day I have ever encountered, and will remember forever, but it was beautifully set on the beaches  of First Landing State Park in Virginia Beach. They showed up, they sweated, they loved, they said their beautiful vows and I do's, Leland sweated some more, and they headed off to their intimate reception at a relative's house. I neglected to include the butt sweat picture of're welcome. So, I am just thrilled to share Morgan and Leland's sweet, intimate, beach wedding and I wish them a long happy life together.  Cheers lovebirds!


Opps! Note to self: Don't write your vows on the back of your best girlfriends letter of advice. (RUN) 



(Surprise first dance in the back yard) SO CUTE!


Leland and Morgan Clelland.


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